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Subject:  Blessing Counting Date:  6/15/2001  6:35 AM
Author:  Beejayw1 Number:  11 of 232

Some years back, when I first started working, I used to hate the winter. Cold, blah, gray-skied, dreary February was the absolute worst. It stretched on forever, and I hated it. I would grumble (in my own mind) about what a miserable time it was and how it never seemed to end, and boy, did I wish I could fly down to the southern hemisphere and avoid February.

But then one day the thought occurred to me, "Gosh, you keep saying howhorrible it is. Why not concentrate on the things about it that are pretty?"

(Pretty revolutionary thought there, especially for a youngster just starting work.)

Well, I tried it. If something was pretty or interesting, I would notice it - the dusty blue of the winter sky; the contrast of rust-brown branches against that sky; the bite of the wind; the clouds I saw. After a while I found that while winter, and specifically February, was not my favorite time, it was bearable and even enjoyable.

Every day, around 2pm, a message pops up on my computer screen: GTFB. This stands for 'Give Thanks For Blessings'. I stop what I'm doing for a moment, think about what it is about the day that I can be grateful for, and consciously acknowledge it. Now, recently I've had a lot on my plate: severe illness in a family member, buying a house, moving, so my list is sometimes just something like "Lunch is not disagreeing with me". But usually I come up with some pretty substantial things (including, if you're wondering, a happy conclusion to the illness) to give thanks for. Generally I weave them into a prayer.

I also try to 'savor the moment'. If I'm doing something and I notice something beautiful, I stop for a moment and look at it.

EllenE mentioned 'Abundance Thinking'. I'm not familiar with the concept if it's outlined in a book, but I suspect what I've done is stumble into Abundance Thinking.

Half empty or half full? Give me the half full any day!

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