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Subject:  Re: Why come they get half Date:  6/15/2001  2:19 PM
Author:  shinynewgirl Number:  333 of 546

i thinks peple what have chillun shuld be handcuffed to them and forced to care for them. none of this daycare and let skool learn em. parents need to learn em good not me. u had em, u feed em, u learn em.

mmm, wel dipinds. u gots any kidz? if so, mabe gud they hav some skol lernin.

i think we is on same page here and u wood fit nice in my bean bag chair. am u into ray parker jr? i hope u aint alan greenspam tricking me.

wel, mabe not sam zack page becoz no bakhandin alowd on me or my kidz. (but handcuffin me is a mabe). i dont ever herd of yur beenbag chair so i dont now what that meens zactly.

i think mabe ray parker jr, is him blind guy? blind music best.

i am not alan greenspam (or alice rivlin or janet reno, dem r jest rumors). of maf, i only know of hafs.

but b4 i get in beenbag char, do you have mullet or camero?
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