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Subject:  Re: Foolishness Date:  6/18/2001  11:09 AM
Author:  beckyz51 Number:  388 of 1112

How dare you! I never took anything of anyone's. Ever!

<"By the way, what do you all think of the fact that the government hired
a company from Germany to construct the
WWII memorial but that exact same company built Hitler's headquarters?
What I think is that you are full of ---- Ace.

Did you forget to take your medicine again?

/s/ S.T.
I posted this for you---it confirms what you said. It's gone.
Firm Discusses WWII Memorial Deal

Updated: Wed, Jun 13 12:30 PM EDT

By BURT HERMAN, Associated Press Writer

BERLIN (AP) - A German construction company that used Nazi-era slave labor
said Wednesday that
an American subsidiary hired to build the World War II Memorial in
Washington shouldn't be held------


J.A. Jones,

German industry foundation,
Last time I looked these were all gone.
The last one mine, to back you up.

When my first post was pulled you sent me a note on the notice to please come back.

And if you answered any questions I asked it would help.
Like when the above were pulled--- I asked if you were rearranging the board! No response. As the head of this board it is your responsibility to pull posts that break rules. You can lose the priviledge if you don't. And you have to be fair. Whether you like it or not. So, if you aren't pulling my posts and writing sweet notes asking me to stay--Who is?
This is a weird board.
Who else can use your name? That would be a clue.

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