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Subject:  Re: Foolishness Date:  6/18/2001  10:07 PM
Author:  khalou Number:  398 of 1112

So, if you aren't pulling my posts and writing sweet notes asking me to stay--Who is? This is a weird board. (B51)

I have my own board and I assure you that posts can be pulled by ANYONE.

They simply direct TMF's attention to it and ask that it be pulled. You can do the same! Just don't get too anxious, TMF will NOT pull it if TMF doesn't agree with you.

As for the sweet notes, what kind of person would return kindness with impossible accusations of manipulation?

I understand you are bi-polar. I have no less than two loved ones that are the same. You don't have anything to fear from Ace. He understands that every opinion is valueable- even dissenting ones- as long as they are opinions. I can tell.

Isn't it more reasonable to come to the conclusion that the sweet notes are from a sweet person and the pulled posts are from some other direction entirely?

Now that you know that's more probable, don't you think a virtuous person like yourself should apologize to Ace? Not for being mean, but simply for misunderstanding (something we've all done). I'm sure he's been there, too!


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