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Subject:  Re: Foolishness Date:  6/19/2001  10:27 AM
Author:  beckyz51 Number:  409 of 1112

Isn't it more reasonable to come to the conclusion that the sweet notes are from a sweet person and the pulled posts are from
some other direction entirely?

You are right, of course. Only, one of my two pulled posts had a sweet note on it---but it was a note sent "from" this board and any one who has ever received one knows that the name of the author is on it. I spent hours going thru my "deleted" file looking for it. All the ones I found were more recent from my other board and the last one on my "copyright error". They don't tell you who pulled your post.
My brother has a board and one of his posters has had several.
With only a few exceptions, I have felt Ace's contributions have been nothing but excellent. He did write a sweet note asking me to stay the same day my first post was pulled, he explained how to P-box(?) someone
and several other things I was aware of.
That's why I asked if anyone else had access to his computer or name!
I am sorry if he didn't pull the posts--but both posts had reason to be pulled. I overreacted to the article about liberals being racists and the comments that followed. And I always post the whole article
if it's news because the sites change so fast. I misinterpreted the copyright info.
But when I posted the article on the builders, it was to back up Ace!
I was as upset as he and had heard about it on C-Span the day before. The next day his post and mine were pulled
and Ace had a cheery post to some one else about the article just like nothing ever happened! I have no idea what that was about, there was no reason to pull Ace's post! That's why I figured as the board originator
he asked them to pull it.
And what I said about controlling the board is true! The guy on my other board lost 2(?) boards he started because he couldn't control them
and the Fool got tired of post pulling(?),and constant complaints--I guess. All I know is whenever my brother told someone to stop this or that bad behavior, this guy was right behind him saying he didn't want
to lose the board.
As for the sweet notes, what kind of person would return kindness with impossible accusations of manipulation?
The sweet note was written on the day my first post was pulled. Long ago!
He has since learned that to say anything to me will just get him in trouble. Note the poll. Note the fact noone answers my questions.
Note the mocking of my being bi-polar and even my liking backward hats, for goodness sake. By saying nothing, you sure haven't helped. I had hoped that dov? person would stay so we could have some real debate. Not just this "I'm right-FACT". and humiliating anyone who doesn't agree. If I had known these guys were like this, do you really think I would have written my life story on here? I just wanted to make the point that everyone doesn't have a life that gives them "bootstraps" to use to get out of their situation.
Also, I agree with Jedi(?) on world issues, and the right on Vouchers, abortion(except the 1%), tax breaks, I can't remember anymore
right now. But, my point---why can't we talk about these things instead of MY behavior and Prozac?
I suggest you go thru the posts from the beginning and pull every one
that has "personal insults", "vulgar language", or "copyright violations" be honest, k----What would be left?
I like Ace too. My backing him up doesn't help him--he just gets teased about it. I am the only one who responded to his early posts on heredity and several other topics. I figured he was trying to change the subject and throwing out suggestions. I tried. But no one else replied.
Anyway, I'm sorry Ace. I obviously was wrong about those three posts.

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