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Subject:  Re: Trivia Help!!!!!! Date:  6/22/2001  7:05 AM
Author:  CrazyLegsPat Number:  1346 of 2401

"Who's Rosie O'Donnell?" - *?*

Oh boy.

She's an Oprah clone who has a big, fat pumpkin head. It came down to her, Rush Limbaugh and Shaquille O'Neal, the 3 biggest pumpkin heads I could think of.

So, Mrs. Howell, what's it like living on Gilligan's Island?

Now, cateroo, lemme save you a few posts, okay?

Who's Oprah? - *?*
Who's Rush Limbaugh - *?*
Who's Shaquille O'Neal - *?*
Who's Mrs. Howell - *?*
Where's Gilligans Island -*?*
What's a pumpkin? - *?*

Pat (Who thought he lived a sheltered life until...)

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