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Subject:  Re: Are you a X-American? Date:  6/25/2001  11:43 PM
Author:  FoolishlyFree Number:  2315 of 2387

I suppose I'm missing something here, but I never cease to be amazed that when it comes to blacks or Asians or anyone else seeking to celebrate their own particular heritage, only if they celebrate it in conjunction with the existing Eurocentric traditions are they considered to be "real Americans." Then when they try to join the local country club, suddenly they are not quite so "real American."

Maybe you can help me understand why it is okay for a group of Blacks (women, homosexuals, Hispanics, Orientials, etc.) to set up an organization, function, or activity where you have to be Black (etc.) to participate, and that is celebrating their heritage, yet if Whites, Males, Heterosexuals, or Christians do it, it is considered racist or sexist.

Anyone should be able to associate (or not associate) with whomever they wish. But no government agency should endorse or encorage such segregation, regardless of the group doing the segregating. As long as a significant part of our country describes themselves or others as a <fill in the blank>-American, we will continue to have problems with discrimination based on whatever was filled in the aforementioned blank.

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