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Subject:  Re: Which is the best option Date:  7/5/2001  6:14 PM
Author:  SirWired Number:  79720 of 313069

I looked at the "Law Firm"'s web site, and laughed out loud! It was most definately written by a lawyer. Note that throughout the entire site they never once mention that they can have accurate negative information removed. Why? Because if you dispute a mountain of correct negative data, the credit reporting agency is (under the FCRA) not even required to send you a form letter telling you go away. In any case, disputing accurate negative information means you are shirking responsibility for screwups on your part, and that isn't what the FCRA was created for.

What happens if you try and pull a fast one on them and dispute accurate information anyway? Their "warranty" dissappears into thin air since you didn't accurately describe the items. They want to know if a particular piece of information is "inaccurate, obsolete, or unverifyable" before beginning the dispute process. But whoops! if it is inaccurate or obsolete, you certianly don't need a law firm to tell the CRA that, you can do that on a CRA's 800 number just as effectively. And if the CRA comes back verifying your info, whoops! turns out you were wrong, and it was verifyable after all!

Their statistics for success were also quite hilarious: At the end of nine months an average of "29.8 deletions" was achieved! You need serious help if you have ten delinquent accounts on each of your three credit reports. Are they trying to tell us that an average customer is such a deadbeat that they have ten dead accounts? *cough* B$ *cough*.

They also neglect to mention that pulling credit reports every three months for a year is going to cost you another $125. Oops. If you want to contact them by phone, that will set you back $50/hr. What else do you do when they ignore your e-mail?

In their FAQ they tell you that other "credit repair" companies are just out to either take your money, or do the same thing that the "law firm" does, only ineptly. But they will do better, because they are such great legal eagles! Really! Trust us! :-) This crap reminds me of the ads for diet pills in Parade magazine (The ads in that publication are consistently hilarious and the only reason it doesn't go straight into the recycle bin. That and the morons that ask Marilyn whats-her-face for manners and relationship advice.) In those ads they invariably mention that "other" diet remedies are scandalous crap, but these pills are guaranteed to work! Really! Trust us!

Notably absent from that web site is useful information as to where the lawyers are actually licensed to practice law, if anywhere.

BTW, to answer your question, try (2), followed by (1). (3) is a last resort, and (4) and (5) are a baaaaaddddd ideas.

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