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Subject:  Re: What gives? [long] Date:  7/20/2001  7:21 AM
Author:  azlok Number:  53868 of 209234

"Better if they could ship them, though... the one I ordered three weeks ago still isn't here, and the place I ordered from says they have month-old orders that still haven't been filled. For awhile it seemed like Apple had this problem licked, now it is back again. There's always something wrong it seems. They can't sell what they can't produce."

I think they have always had this problem. It started with the apple IIe. Anyway im not so sure it is even a problem. more like a stratagy. Didn't sony do this with the playstation II but on purpose to spur demand hell maybe Im thinking of beeny babies and cabage patch dolls. This is just a far flug guess but someone better informed about this phenomina might want to agree with me or condem me.

But with all things equal i think as an investor its better to have to underestemated demand then overestimated it. I think i would be sick to my stumic if apple had a wearhouse of ibooks sitting in a wearhouse right now but i do feel good knowing that right now somew people are diligently checking their door step each day for a fedex package..:)


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