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Subject:  Re: Parent vs Child Assets Date:  8/2/2001  8:09 PM
Author:  TonySCFA Number:  4122 of 8558

And I bet you're one of those people who thinks that taxes are too high and the government should stop giving so many handouts to the needy. Guess what? If the non-needy like you wouldn't milk the system, we'd all be paying less in taxes.

Poor delusional Nellie. As long as liberals rail on with their Marxist diatribes promoiting class envy and class warfare, there will always be high taxes. Justice Learned Hand stated the there are 2 types of tax systems in this country; one for the knowledgable and another for everyone else. The only people milking the system are the liberal parasite politicians and their supporters hiding out in academia. Financial aid has specific rules; if you follow them to your advantage, that is life.

However, I would never have dreamed of applying for or accepting any need-based grants. That would have been literally taking money away from people who were much needier than I. I would not have been able to face my friends who were truly dependent on financial aid, knowing that I was receiving some of the limited funds that they really needed in order to go to college.

I had money forcably taken away from me and my fellow white students to pay for a minority scholarship fund which totalled over $500,000 per year. None of my friends or I could get any benefit from this since we were white. Don't spout your liberal lies about the limited pool of money and how your taking aid would hurt someone else. Save that crap for the next Democratic party lovein for someone stupid enough to believe your marxist drivel.
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