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Subject:  Re: Important Research Bulletin on Health & Exer Date:  8/15/2001  4:04 PM
Author:  BeanieMike Number:  48209 of 878808

derf909 wrote:

I'm wondering about the risks taken in my exercise routine. Perhaps I should switch to something else before it's too late.

Ahh, the age-old question. Can't speak as one with severe ailments yet [other than bad heart and chrondomalacia patella. . . whatever - kneecap rubs on bone] but personally, I've been successful listening more to my body than to the Dr's. Used to take meds for irregular heartbeat, hypertension, high blood pressure and told years ago to quit running.

To make a long story short, I don't take any Rx drugs [knock on wood], work out regularly at the gym and cycle a lot. When I get new aches, pains and strains, I lighten up. The key is to really find the correct [i.e. non-injurious] way to exercise. I read up on this stuff as much as possible. Found that few “trainers” really emphasize how to use weights/machines to avoid joint injuries, and most people I see in the gym are not doing their routines correctly. For the knees, I don't do full squats or any twisting/jumping exercise or activity [e.g. basketball] but cycling with the proper frame setup is great. Also use a cho-pat strap on knee altho Dr. says it doesn't do anything. My head thinks it does. so I'll keep using it. My routine is very flexible - I workout when I feel o.k. and don't when I don't. Days at the gym and miles in the saddle aren't that important.

Bottom line: We're are “pre-disposed” to illnesses, ailments, and general breaking down with age. I'd suggest looking at all forms of exercise, activities, sports, yoga, tai chi, etc. and do a variety of things that makes you feel good besides just focusing on an “exercise routine.” Even CF could be a Chippendale dancer!

[BTW, love those SNL references.]
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