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Subject:  Re: Terrorism Against Americans Date:  9/13/2001  2:37 PM
Author:  leedsutf Number:  2388 of 179630

In each of the events that you mention, the U.S. did not initiate the evil but attempted to stop it. These leaders or nation were being “bullies “ on others and much like a policeman the U.S. attempted to stop them. The U.S. has spent the last half of the prior century standing up to bullies who attack and perpetrated evil on small nations or people. (i.e. Nazis, Communism, etc….)

Furthermore, you conveniently left out our use of force to end evil against the Muslims in Yugoslavia.

In Vietnam we started will a noble but poorly executed goal, to keep Vietnam free from communism. If we would have succeed I have no doubt that the people of the lower half of that country would now be enjoying a similar prosperity and freedom enjoyed by South Korean.

We are the government. To not trust the government is not to trust ourselves. Only liberals attempt to make the distinction and create the separation between the government and its people (i.e.… government's money vs. our money)

And now you seek to place responsibility of civility on the victim rather than the initiator of evil. We have a right for vengeance. Only because we are noble and compassionate people will we restrain ourselves (as we have done so many times before).

You are completely right you're article is COMPLETELY unpatriotic.

And for being a complete idiot, for twisting events to suit you own agenda, as well as completely unpatriotic it is off to the penalty box for you…

He he

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