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Subject:  Re: Terrorism Against Americans Date:  9/13/2001  3:22 PM
Author:  hph459 Number:  2416 of 179630

The American Government and it's policies may not be perfect, but everytime there is a tragedy around the world Americans are the first to respond in money, food and resources. I didn't realize that Germany was innocent in WWII or Japan for that matter and their people supported their efforts. If not for our country we would all be speaking German. Vietnam was a fiasco I agree. If you think that we were attacked because of our Goverenment's past decisions better think twice. We were attacked because these extremists hate our guts. They hate Christians, Jews or any other religion that is not Islam. They hate our society or riches and our freedom. They hide in the dark like roaches and kill innocent people "all over the world". They don't give a damned the nationality. They are cowards. If we pulled out now and abandoned Israel and just kept to ourselves, do you really think they would stop. They hate our way of life and their twisted religious interpretations would still make us the enemy.

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