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Subject:  Re: Out of hand Date:  9/15/2001  11:00 PM
Author:  ScubaSimpleton Number:  14360 of 27876

"Yep, there is a difference between us and them. They started it. Or did we?"

<<1. I'm sure GWB is praying to his god for justice.>>

I thought he stopped drinking.

<<2. It's Bob Barr and several other Congressman that rushed to declare war in Congress.>>

Really? Bob Barr had an original thought?

<<3. Bush has an over 90% approval rating for how he has handled the situation so far, and that doesn't include 3-4% no opinions.>>

That is an exceptionally delusional reading of an opinion poll.

<<4. No intelligent or rational person, and that includes Bush, wants to bomb innocent people. It's really, really nice that you made that accusation, but it's not true.>>

That remains to be seen. By the way, I never accused Shrub of being intelligent or rational. I'm merely accepting your premise for the sake of discussion.

<<5. I don't think we ever hijacked passenger planes and flew them into buildings in Pakistan, Afghanistan, or Saudi Arabia. I don't think we have terrorists in those countries plotting to kill thousands of innocent people. In fact, I remember we helped the Afghanis defend themselves against the Russians.>>

Including the same people we have now "Declared War" upon. Funny how this stuff comes home to roost. If Shrub's plane was at risk, it was from a Stinger the CIA gave to the “Freedom Fighters.”

<<That means 'they' started it. But we'll finish it.>>

You wish.

Don't forget to dig two graves.

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