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Subject:  Re: Out of hand Date:  9/16/2001  2:42 AM
Author:  warisproduct Number:  14367 of 27876

Rick: I've been *most* impressed the way our government has jumped on Pakistan. That's also very scary. Pakistan has access to nuclear weapons, and we here don't yet know for sure, but that could mean terrorists have access. It's possible, Pakistan is the country that can find out what that particular situation is. I'm impressed we are putting the hammer down so hard on Pakistan, but also worried as I can be. The fact that NATO lined up so fast, well, it's scary. If China lines up...

Pakistan probably has about two weapons. Not enough to consider selling. India has many more. I guarantee that Pakistan isn't going along with us for free. Whatever Bush promised them, probably anti missile defense, it had to have been big. They're going to let us operate from their borders.

As far as China is concerned, they are a wild card. All week they've been carrying out military drills which will train them in fighting our carriers. You see, they plan on taking Taiwan back and are ready to fight us. The Bush administration probably got caught with it's pants down because of this.

Of course, should we be preoccupied in the middle east, then China may take Taiwan. I've a feeling we'll give it to them. Condy Rice is the person that handles much of our policy in that area and she doesn't respect the strength of the Chinese. Time magazine reported that Colin Powell was contemplating resignation, though that seems highly unlikely now, over this type of policy making.

Bush is doing a fantastic job of doing nothing, because he realizes that hasty action may make these countries more willing to aggressively act in their own interests. There's more at stake than bombing a few buildings in Afghanistan.

The Israeli intelligence agencies are suggesting that Iraq financed the WTC bombing. The US is "ruling out" Iraq right now because we're seeking some Arab support, and Sadam is popular with many Arabs.

To sum up, the situation is a mess. I hope to God no one here is reading Matt Drudge in hopes of being informed.

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