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Subject:  Re: served by criticism Date:  9/18/2001  12:18 PM
Author:  fleg9bo Number:  14458 of 27875

From another Fool board:

I worked with 3 Islamic Fundamentalists for 2 years on a software project. They were the 3 nicest people in the company. Got along great. Spent hours-discussing politics, finances and religion with them. They were much more intelligent and politically aware than the American drones in the office. But they believed and openly stated that America and to a lesser extent, Israel were plagues that must be eliminated from the Earth. How can you combat that? I tried killing them with kindness and earned their respect, but am convinced to this day each one would have slit my throat for the glory of Allah if they were called to Jihad.


Did you see "60 Minutes II" last night?

CBS had a segment on this elite Pakistani boarding school. They interviewed about six of these well-scrubbed teenagers that spoke English like British aristocrats. That looked to be about 16 or 17 years of age. All were vehemently anti-American. The interview took place in the school's Physics Lab. The Osama Bin Ladan screen-savers on the computers were indicative of the man's popularity. These kids were obviously not economically deprived, yet all aspired to be a muhajadeen (sp?) which I take to be some kind of religious warrior.

Examples of "civilians" we must take pains to avoid harming?
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