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Subject:  Re: served by criticism Date:  9/18/2001  1:00 PM
Author:  Trick Number:  14464 of 27876

Painting with a broad brush is very, very dangerous. Judging all Muslims or all Arabs or all Pakistanis or Afghanis or Palestinians or whatever from these two stories is like judging Americans from the Tim McVeighs and Ted Kaczynskis among us.

Or Christians. Think of the way we tend to view characters like Pat Robertson. Mainstream Christians are tolerant of him, because he is in the fold, even though his particular brand of ultra conservative Christianity is not accepted by most. It wasn't so long ago that he was seriously considered as a man who could run for very high elected office. But as people came to know more and more about him, the details about his life and beliefs did not line up with most Christians.

It's probably the same situation with so many of the Islamic fundamentalists like bin Laden. Pat Robertson had a few ideas that resonated with many, and he could present them in a Christian based way that appealed to the masses. He also has all these other ideas that separates him. We are fortunate to have widespread media coverage of people like Robertson and eventually, we learn the truth. Many in the middle East do not have that advantage, and they are much slower to learn the real truth behind the image. That does not make the masses bad people.

Remember, Pat Robertson was once a serious candidate for President. Don't pass a death sentence on people because they make poorly informed choices. Even I voted for Ronald Reagen once.

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