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Subject:  Re: Buying stocks and Patriotism Date:  9/18/2001  11:01 PM
Author:  kingni Number:  775 of 4217

Good to see more interest in this subject, guys.

First of all, you've not catch the key of my posts, "Stabilization" and limited use of the buys at dips for those who have extra $$ and have LTBH in mind. Nowhere shown about of blindly buys at all. Every post is limited by what is saying there. Extropolation and injection of your thoughtsto the spirit of the original posts is beyond the point.

As to Derek's objection to the use of the chart, that is unwarrented and unnecessary. Perhaps that is because of your having never had any paper published here or internally. The chart was used to illustrate the point that after certain period of time the market returned to profitable levels. Please spare your personal feeling or use it for better course. Many traders are also investors and that's an answers. There are lurkers who are investors too. We are not alone. :-) We know that anyone who uses energy in a positive way will receive positive results. Appreciate your concern. Traders know what to do about this. They do good job(long or short) and that is patriotic. They do increase the liquidity of trading. Those buyers help in this way and do more than that.

<< in the Markets stresses keeping emotion out of the decisions.>>

Yes for most pple. For some who can use emotion in constructive way, they can benefit from proper emotion management like money management. This is just a response.

<<I'm surprised you would want people to loose money, that they may or may not have to spare, to try and "hold up" (manipulate) a market that was already in a down trend. ( Jeanwa )>>

There isn't anything about that intention. You may like to review those posts. It's good to have a board to discuss and try to help pple. Not interested in ranting for ranting statements. I don't think Jeff would agree to your kinda ranting :-) Show us some positive and constructive things -- I trust that you can do that. Add something that will help pple along this line, if you like.

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