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Subject:  Need relief from 10% penalty Date:  9/23/2001  11:44 PM
Author:  Fool4Golf Number:  54176 of 127988

Here is what I will send via e-mail to the senators and representatives of my state.

The economy is in recession, the market is at a three year low, war has been declared, people are getting laid off in droves, and many believe that it's going to get worse!

Many of us have most of our investments in various so-called retirement accounts, 401's, 457's IRA's, etc. Did you know that for the vast majority of us, there is a 10% penalty assessed if we touch these funds before age 59 1/2? This 10% penalty is assessed on top of the regular income taxes on any money withdrawn. Somehow this 10% penalty doesn't seem fair, even in normal times. We are not in normal times. Certainly you can see how many of us will need access to these savings just to exist.

We also believe the fact that we saved the funds stands as proof that we are perfectly capable to decide when we need them. The 10% penalty serves only to punish those who have a dire need to access their own funds.

We're not asking for a bailout. We'll continue to pay regular income taxes on withdrawals. We just don't believe the 10% penalty was meant for times like these.

Is there any way we can get some relief from the 10% penalty?

Won't you please assist in getting this message to congress?

Here are the links and the proper salutation: Dear Senator [last name] Dear Mr. [last name]

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