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Subject:  Re: Food for Thought Date:  9/25/2001  4:21 PM
Author:  fleg9bo Number:  14734 of 27876

Me: Where else in the Arab world can an Arab even vote?

TeraG: This is one of the most ignorant questions I have seen in a long time.

Well, yes and no. TG kindly emailed me her spreadsheet, but it was formatted in such a way that I couldn't read it. I suspect that she created it in Excel 2000 or XP, which are not backward compatible with Excel 97. Microsoft's little trick to get you to buy the same product over and over.

So I did a little research myself. Turns out that Arabs can vote in most Arab countries. But I still question whether it means anything (and I was only concerned with the national level in my previous post, not voting for town council or dogcatcher). Taking the Arab world from west to east:

Morocco: monarchy
Algeria: military dictatorship
Tunisia: seems like they actually elect their leaders
Libya: dictatorship
Egypt: elections
Palestine: dictatorship
Syria: dictatorship
Iraq: dictatorship
Saudi Arabia: monarchy

Those are the biggies, or at least most of them. Go further east and you run out of Arabs. Even in some of the dictatorships/monarchies, the people elect national assemblies, but I believe they are rubber stamps for the rulers.

TG should really get out more. There are lots of questions far more ignorant than mine everywhere you look.

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