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Subject:  Re: PLEASE READ: Help Us Help You Date:  10/1/2001  10:50 AM
Author:  TMFCarl Number:  22522 of 27844

Hi Dee,

You said:
Now, go fix the hamsters and work on the portfolios. Thanks Carl, I'l be waiting ...

Well, it's like this. As a way of describing what has happened, let me use a bad analogy.

We had some hamsters. We truly loved them, in fact put over ten person-years into the development of the best, prettiest, and most capable hamsters the world of online portfolios had ever seen. But the hamsters ate so many pellets (and left so many other pellets behind) that we couldn't afford to eat ourselves.

But lots of other people liked our hamsters. They came by to see them every day. They loved the special tricks our hamsters could do, like running on the "dashing run in place" (DRIP) wheel. Since people had to have some kind of hamster fix each day, we decided to build a special TV that shows pictures of someone else's hamster. We worked long and hard. And we built a TV receiver in the old hamster cage to show the new HamsterWatch program.

Now, some folks have written here that they don't like the new HamsterWatch. Other folks (and my special thanks to them) have written some words of praise. We know that from time to time the Hamsters on HamsterWatch do things that seem a little strange, or at least different from the things our Hamsters used to do. And, being young hamsters, sometimes they get a little sick, or stumble, or their fur is a bit dirty.

But over time, the new Hamsters will grow up and improve their grooming, and we'll figure out their new tricks. Some tricks, like the dashing run in place, are gone for good, but there are a few new ones -- for example, the new Hamsters have quite the artistic bent and can paint colorful pictures -- something our old Hamsters were never able to do.

I know there are many of you who want the old hamsters back. The sad fact is, many of our vets are gone, and the old hamsters have gone to the great wheel in the sky. So they're not coming back.

So much for the bad analogy.

In all seriousness, we are taking to heart each and every complaint and bug report posted on our boards, and will do our best to get the new system working more smoothly. Please feel free to post here to report bugs or complaints or even (gasp!) praise, if you feel so inclined.

Again, I'm sorry for any inconvenience; thank you all for posting.

Fool On,
TV Channel Changer

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