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Subject:  Re: TYC to acquire TCM Date:  10/4/2001  4:52 PM
Author:  megatop Number:  109 of 136

Yeah it works out great for the company, but I bought in at 32 as a tyco employee and doubled down at 13.70. Hey, it made me feel better about a negative 75% return on my infant's college money. I was prepared to hold and wait out the recession but it looks like I won't get the chance to make any money off this (I know, never hold an IPO past the initial pop--maybe I'll learn finally the third time around). I completely loaded up on TYC as well which hasn't made any money for me either.

look at the action yesterday ahead of the news and it's fairly obvious someone inside took advantage of the impending situation and recovered their losses. unfortunately a lot of loyal, patriotic tyco employees took a screwing on this one based on mgmt's strong track record. looks like a bailout i guess. I know cynicism about one's company is the hallmark of a loser, but it is really hard to know what to think about this.

By the way, the press releases on this were interesting from the perspective of disclosure of who is on the TYC and TCM board and the implied deliberation that will occur. Basically, it's Kozlowski and his lackeys making an offer to themselves to by themselves out at a marked premium to the market price. Very interesting.
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