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Subject:  Re: need "on topic" group Date:  10/16/2001  6:08 PM
Author:  bookgrrrl Number:  53411 of 884723

You know, I genuinely don't understand why some folks seem to fairly burn with indignation at off-topic posts. I mean, they must know how to read the boards in "threaded" mode. They must know how to refrain from clicking on posts that are clearly marked "OT" (or maybe they can't refrain? is that it? it's an impulse control disorder or a frontal lobe problem?). Yet, despite their knowledge of how to navigate the boards, they simply can't resist sputtering with outrage whenever they see that "OT" designation.

Which brings me to my theories.

1. People who shriek about "OT" posts are maniacal control-freaks who organize their freezers by type of frozen item, who always have the toilet paper rolling off the top of the roll, and who designate a Topic Du Jour at the dinner table, throwing food in the face of anyone who dares deviate from it.

"Tonight's Topic Du Jour: Rousseau, pedant or peasant? Discuss."
"Dad, can you pass the potat - "

2. People who shriek about "OT" posts are embittered and lonely souls who sit in their poorly-heated apartments in ratty-ass slippers and mutter to themselves all night long about "kids these days" and "what's the world coming to" and "why when I was young," and who believe that the members of TMF boards have installed cameras in their apartments and are watching their every move, the "OT" designation actually being a secret code known only to their tormentors.

01010101 OT = KILL 01010101

3. [My personal favorite] People who shriek about "OT" posts are in fact masters of irony, postmodern deconstructionists who are implicitly critiquing the form of the post even as they employ it as a means of self-expression, pointing as they do to the multiple and frequently contradictory meanings inherent in any type of discourse, their subtle wit evident in the fact that by making a post to complain about off-topic posting, they are themselves making an off-topic post.

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