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Subject:  Re: OT - When Pigs Fly Date:  10/17/2001  1:49 AM
Author:  warrl Number:  53444 of 884199

One pig consumes the same amount of water as does one human (read warrior).

Oh, it's worse than that. Humans can eat pretty much anything that a pig can eat. There's direct competition for food.

Plus, pigs get trichinosis, which humans also get. (So do bears. And practically nothing else.) So they carry disease that bothers humans.

In the context in which those dietary rules were written, banning pigs makes a lot of sense in both economic and health terms.

In fact, most of the "kosher" laws, and their Islamic equivalents, make a lot of sense for either economic or health reasons, in the context in which they originated.

A couple more examples.

Draining the blood from animals you kill: thoroughly bloodless meat can sit out for a couple days before it starts going bad. Blood can sit out for a couple hours before it starts going bad.

Not eating shellfish & other "fish without scales": the coastal areas were relatively densely populated, and the sewage facilities were, well, primitive. Raw sewage flowed or was dumped into lakes & rivers. Bottom-dwelling creatures would consume it. If the humans were sick, the bottom-dwelling creatures would contain the bacteria to make more humans sick. Most of the easily-caught seafood that is "without scales" is bottom-dwelling; most of the bottom-dwelling sea creatures are in this category. Thus, it was an easy test that a person not knowledgeable in marine biology could apply to determine if a sea creature was safe to eat.
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