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Subject:  Re: OT: Achieving 103% Date:  10/17/2001  11:50 AM
Author:  Amphian Number:  53463 of 882945

I know it's not easy for teachers to deal with the variety of students they find in their classes, and it must be difficult to deal with a student who could pass the final exam on the first day of class, but these kids need special treatment. Challenge them or leave them alone.

Please re-read my post. I was teaching remedial math in college. In other words, these were kids who did not know 8th grade algebra by their freshman year of college, not bored 8th graders who knew it already.

I can agree with wishing kids could CLEP out of any level of school. I was basically bored at school from day one. I passed all the standardized tests at 12th grade-level before I got to junior high, but there was no "Gifted and Talented" program in my area, so I had to make due.

Please don't confuse frustration and boredom with an attitude problem.

I guess the difference between your and my experience was attitude. I knew I was stuck in high school for a couple of years, so I determined to make the best of it. The stuff wasn't challenging, so I would knock off my homework and then study the stuff I was interested in learning. Some classes were a pain, but it's not like they required a lot of effort to learn. I figured it was good training for the work world, where you have to do what you're told whether or not it is interesting every day.

And don't ask them to help do your job. It's insulting.

You would be surprised to see how happy it makes some remedial students to finally understand something well enough to be able to explain it to someone else. I don't see anything wrong with asking for volunteers. Those who don't want to do it simply don't volunteer.


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