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Subject:  Re: OT: Achieving 103% Date:  10/17/2001  6:27 PM
Author:  inparadise Number:  53486 of 882895

InParadise wrote:

...particularly frustrated with bright kids who refuse to work, and are reaping the respective grades that reflect their negative attitudes.

I just wanted to point out that it is instructors with these kinds of attitudes who force bright students to really hate the educational system.


In this case I'm afraid you don't know what you are talking about. I have started working at a private college prep school this year that has seen a significant share of turnover of faculty in the previous years. The result of this has been a lowering of standards, and these students, who for the most part are all pretty bright since their parents are paying through the nose for their education, or they've obtained merit scholarships, have not had to work for their A's for years. Between the fact that they : 1) now have a hard nosed, (or insert other less polite terms here,) teacher who is not concerned about being invited back next year, (the school will be thrilled if I just complete the school year without quitting,) who insists that they actually spend a few moments thinking about math rather than just applying rules to problems, and 2) are now reaching more complicated areas of math which involve multiple application of rules rather than the old learn and forget til next year approach, these kids are not used to being challenged and they just plain old don't like it. They miss their free ride.

I too had it extremely easy during school, and hated the easy courses. The easier the course, the worse the grade on my part. The harder, the better. These kids have got to learn to be challenged, and to face a challenge. How to convince them to give a damn and try is my challenge. So far, a few are responding to getting D's and F's, and at mid-trimester are finally coming for the extra help they need. Most are still believing that I too will soon go away, as have most of their previous teachers. It is called a game of chicken, of control. I'm fortunate that I'm financially stable enough to not care if I get handed a pink slip, and the school is desperate enough not to give me one.


A teacher with standards.

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