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Subject:  Live Birth Abortions? Date:  10/17/2001  7:37 PM
Author:  ShelbyBoy Number:  62540 of 199203

Is anyone familiar with this practice? Is it common? Debating abortion is one thing - even partial birth abortions. But how can this be considered anything other than criminal activity - just because the parents decide they don't want it?

If this article is accurate and this is even somewhat common - consider the irony. The story of four civilians killed by our air attacks on Afghanistan makes national news and peace protesters take to the streets - yet a practice like this is adamantly protected in the U.S. as a Constitutional right? What a country.



...But now administrators informed the nurses that the hospital would provide second-trimester abortions, commonly referred to as inductions.

...This abortion procedure is performed just like a full-term, induced labor. But in these cases labor is induced before a child is able to live outside the womb. Often, the baby dies during delivery, but sometimes she is born alive, a mistake in the doctor's and parents' eyes, and left to die as her underdeveloped lungs struggle for each breath.

...She knows from talking with nurses around the country that live-birth abortion is common, and children born alive are regularly being left to die with nothing but “comfort care.” That is, if he is lucky, someone will wrap the tiny baby in a blanket and hold him until he dies.

...The live-birth abortions that she witnessed were usually done after tests had confirmed that the baby had Downs syndrome or spina bifida. “They [the parents] were afraid of the responsibility of a special-needs baby,” said Carolyn. “They just did not feel like they could handle it.”

...Rep. Neal Kedzie (R) was chief sponsor of legislation that would outlaw wrongful birth suits in Wisconsin. “I find it reprehensible that in Wisconsin parents can claim a child is somehow an injury to them,” Kedzie said in defending his legislation. “Saying death is preferable to life is discriminatory to people with disabilities.”
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