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Subject:  Re: republican hypocrisy, deceit, insanity Date:  10/30/2001  2:13 PM
Author:  AOLFoolman Number:  16500 of 27876

I have no ill towards servicemen and women--I think they're just as noble as firefighters and police officers. I have entire ill will toward the people who so thoughtlessly put them in harms way, because they have been too lazy to bother to learn how they should work to protect the country from their comfy Georgetown lofts.

If you're talking about our intelligence not picking up specifically on the WTC and Pentagon attacks from Al Qaeda, yes they failed. It's been reported that we realized that something big was imminent but had no specifics. However your flimsy attribution of this failure to lazyness is unwarranted. Probably the biggest contribution to the failure was that R. Torricelli pushed to disallow our intelligence agents from associating and paying off freelance terrorist rift rafts, thus severely hampering our ability gain access and infiltrate networks. Instead of relying on ground intelligence, we emphasized hi-tech.

Having said that however, you also neglect a number of terrorist attempts that were successfully thwarted in the past several years........the bombing of LAX, the bombing of Holland Tunnel in NY and number of terrorist attempting to enter the US through Cananda (I believe Seattle was their target).

As we speak, those flying at Mach 2 are massacering civilians purposelessly, while our enemy only grows stronger, and all because our military power elite feel obliged to do something during this period that we don't have an effing clue about what we really should be doing.

Purposelessly??? We're bombing Afghanistan purposelessly?? Hello. The Talibans harbored and abetted Bin Ladin. We are destroying their communication systems, terrorist training camps, infrastructure, artillery and have recently targeted their front line. No they are not growing stronger, their supplies are dwindling. However, they are digging deep into their hideouts and for the most part, at least for now, are avoiding the attacks. But I guess in our age of sounds bites and fast food restaurants, many impatient types with the attention span of a 5 year old believe that 3 weeks should suffice to destroy the very people who were able to kick the Soviet's asses in a 10 year war?? We will win. If it takes ground troops our tactical nuclear weapons, we will win. The free world depends on it.

As for civilian causalties, JPS, if you have any brilliant ideas for me, the Pentagon, the free world who respect human rights, or the ghosts of Truman, Johnson, Napoleon or Alexander the Great about how civilian casualties can be absolutely avoided when heavy warfare and aerial bombing is involved, precision bombing notwithstanding, we would love to hear it. We're waiting for a solution that no other Lieutenant, Sargent or General in history has ever developed.

It's been quite apparent what the Talibans are doing is cowardly hiding their tanks, vehicles and artillery in Mosques, schools, and hospitals, hoping that our very weakness (respect for life)in their view would blunt our attacks. Obviously this isn't happening. Giving in to this tactic would only further encourage its use in the future.

As we speak, lazy, good-for-nothing fiftysomething white male morons who only care about their budget and their paychecks are sending them there.

Best line of your post. Amazing how you can ridiculously inject the issues of race, gender and age when there is none.

Yeah, only white males in their fifties are involved in the war women, no Hispanics, no blacks, or even white males in the 30s or 40s are involved in commanding and assisting in the war effort.

Such blanket racist and sexist from you only reveal one are the very epitome of what you despise.

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