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Subject:  Most Over Rated Books In History Date:  11/19/2001  4:03 PM
Author:  Gator8387 Number:  522 of 3363

New subject matter, books where you thought "I just don't get it?"

My personal favorite is "Catcher In The Rye."

I just never got what was so great about it (even though I read it at age sixteen), as a "coming of age" book, I'll take "A Seperate Peace" over it any day of the week. I guess you had to be there.

Next, Henry Miller. Only recently tried to read one of his books, Tropic of Cancer, and didn't get it at all. It's not so much a novel as a memoir, a stream of consciousness thing. Which leads me to ...

James Joyce. Never got his stuff at all. Read "Portrait of the Artist," didn't like it, couldn't get through any of his other stuff.

I like books that tell a good story.

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