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Subject:  Re: When is there life? Date:  11/28/2001  12:04 PM
Author:  OldFatherHubbord Number:  653 of 705

Actually, believe it or not, but the act of nursing/suckling a baby sends messeges to the anterior pituitary gland which responds by deploying chemical messengers which inhibit the release of eggs from the ovum. Probably because a youngun needs all of the parents resorces and so become a parent agin before one youngun is old enought to feed and occupy itself is abad idea, thus we have evolved this system. This is seen in cultures which nurse heir babies to until the babvy has grown teeth which stimulate the mothers anerir pituitary gland to release chemical messenges to stop producing milk and start releasing eeggs again. During the suckling time, there are no menstral cycles. The women can go years without bleeding. The down side is that you'd always have to be raising a child. Bearing a new one when the previous one has grown teeth.

What I am wondering if the husband applies this kind of stimulation, will the same result occur? :)sss
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