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Subject:  Re: Protection of Assets from Medicaid Date:  12/1/2001  2:54 PM
Author:  delighted Number:  7570 of 22229

Hi cobi & rrarm

I am with you regarding this subject----BTW----rrarm great first post

Cobi------"A dilema for thought------2 people-1st person works hard saves lots of
their income,perhaps goes without luxury items,vacations,etc.,retires with comfortable sum just as they had planned,-2nd person works little,saves little,lives for today,----both get illness in later years,2nd person gets gov't coverage now ,1st person now has to spend all their savings before gov't coverage,also both could end up in same room getting same treatment,one private pay ,one gov't-----hmmm moral? You have got to be kidding?"

rrarm---"This is a bad law. Find the loophole and use it with clear consence.
On this merry-go-round every one comes to full circle. My taxes help your dad. Your taxes will help me. I would rather have my taxes help an fellow aging senior preserve some dignity than have my money given out for a politicaly motivated what-a-good-boy-am-I rebate.
go for it."

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