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Subject:  Re: Consolidation Date:  12/6/2001  2:53 PM
Author:  mneakrase Number:  827 of 4855

Thanks for the advice thus far guys!

I'm going to check out the calculator (since I don't have Excel) I'm hoping that it will help me to make a more informed decision about what to do.

Also, I want and am planning to pay off the higher interest loans early, well ultimately I want to pay them all of early, but the higher interest ones go first. Anyways, would having them consolidated work for or against me? (In terms of paying off early.) I'm really not good with figuring out percentages and calculating interest.

Should I consolidate all my loans or a few? Which ones?
Citibank (Interest rates change, so far they've just gone down)
Loan One $3,000 7.75%
Loan Two $4,000 7.5%
Loan Three $3,500 7.0%
Loan One $3,000 5.0%
Direct Loan
$28,500 at 5.99% and 6.79%
(Don't know how much is at 5.99 and how much is at 6.79)
*Guessing that about $8,000 is at 6.79, since most of the loan were after 1998 and therefore get the lower rate of 5.99.

Oh and yes I just listed the amount that I borrowed, the figures do not include interest. There is about $3,000 more in interest, most of that being for the Direct Loans.

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