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Subject:  Re: >>Week 1 Contest Update<< Date:  12/8/2001  7:39 AM
Author:  xerohype Number:  12594 of 26601

Hello Melissa:

You wrote:
"Where are you getting all this information?
Are you doing the math by hand, or do you use some type of computer program that makes all these calculations?"

By hand????? Surely, you jest!

I use Yahoo! Finance to create a custom portfolio, it lets me enter all the info and display it the way I want to see it:
Create and account and create a portfolio, also customize your portfolio display.

Once I have the portfolio set up, I can copy and paste the information into an Excel spreadsheet. Excel then lets you save it as a space delimited text file and I use a text editor (Word will do fine) to do some small editing (use a monospace font) to align all the colums properly.

I then copy and paste the table into my message here at TMF. You have to use the tag: <pre> before the table and <pre> after the table. Also remember to enter any carriage returns to line wrap in any text you include besides the table, or else it will be impossibly long to read.

Hope this helps.


P.S. to create italics use the command tags: <i> before and </i> after your chosen italicized phrase, substitute <b> for bold.

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