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Subject:  Re: and You asked santa for.... Date:  12/12/2001  6:32 AM
Author:  mrsplumbob Number:  101050 of 312777

one year I got the Mrs Beasly Doll. I loved her on Family affair. The most memorable present I ever got was a doll that sang I want to teach the world to sing in about 50 languages. It had records that you put in her back. I was about 9. I wish I could find one again.

When I was 10 we got a new TV it was Color! and we got CABLE!!!!! It had just came out. When I was 11 I got a Texas Instrument Computer. It was the lastest thing. It did Basic and I could play games. It was better than the Atari we had. Thats when I learned to program computers.

I was a spoiled child, I admit it. I used to use books as walls and odds and ends as furniture for my barbies. Then one year I got barbies who legs bent and a barbie Townhouse it was 3 stories high and mom paid $30.00 for it! I thought I was the wealthiest kid on the block. I actually had a doll house to play with. I still used books sometimes though. It allowed me to recreate the house everytime.

God I wish I could go back. My kids now think that was stupid. But it taught me to use my imagination and even deductive reasoning. I laugh sometimes at how my kids take what they had for granted. I grew up overseas with one TV Station and a BW TV, There was no video games, no nick at night. You had to be a kid. They laugh at the shows I watched that are now reruns on nick.

Can I please go back????? LOL Merry Christmas, Happy Channakuh, Happy Kwanza to all.

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