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Subject:  Re: New replacements Date:  1/4/2002  10:44 AM
Author:  GlobalProsperity Number:  1286 of 1360

I protest the Motley Fool's inclusion of a tabacco company in their stock index. Their explanation: "We recognize this as a real concern, but in the end we must concede that Philip Morris is one of the world's greatest brand companies, on par with Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO), and the company has provided spectacular returns on investment for decades." I find this interesting considering that they say they don't bear in mind performance when choosing companies. Is it right to chase after past returns at the expense of your morality? TMF has made its vote. TMF, my post may anger you, but this isn't about emotion, this is about respect for your fellow man. I would not be posting this if I lacked that respect. I am not saying that you are as bad as the tabacco companies themselves, but you only serve to boost their stock prices and feed their pomposity all the while. Let me give me a few facts on tabacco:

9 of 10 smokers start smoking in their teens
1,200 people die each day of tabacco related causes
Tabacco causes more deaths than alcohol, AIDS, illegal drugs, car crashes, fires, murders, and suicides combined.
63 of the 4,000 chemicals in cigarettes are known to cause cancer.
In my state, 39% of high school students smoke, and no wonder - tabacco spends 55 million a year in my state on advertising. 2/3's have tried a cig. It's not easy for them to quit either because nicotine is more addictive than heroin or cocaine.
Big tabacco is the reason my mom smokes. She smoked most of her life. I urge her to quit, but she can't. Because she smoked while she was pregnant and every day of raising me these past 17 years, I have been exposed to much of this poison also.

I urge you to reconsider allowing Philip Morris into your index, and to not consider any company in the future that creates products known to take lives.
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