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Subject:  Re: Anyone have experience with RCN actual servi Date:  1/24/2002  10:26 PM
Author:  MoonLily115 Number:  668 of 684

I work in an apartment complex. Several months ago (6-9?) RCN purchased the rights/equipment from Onepoint. It was my understanding that Onepoint owned all the lines and equipment from the street to the apartments. They maintained the equipment as a result. They were also the only choice for cable in the complex. Onepoint had plans to upgrade us so that online access was possible by cable. RCN was supposed to continue with those plans sometime in the future. RCN was also supposed to bring me new literature on their services for new tenants. I have yet to get the literature and have not seen an RCN employee for about 6 months. The last guy I saw was the one who had worked for Onepoint and survived the switch. What happened after that I do not know.

I called RCN last week because their customer service (in new sign ups) kept telling my residents that they did not serve Wheeling! It took new tenants about 3 tries before they would get someone who actually admitted that RCN served our complex. When I called the represenative insisted that SHE had no trouble finding it and anyone in her department could find it as easily. She admitted that service might have had a problem finding it due to the nature of how a block service like ours sits in the system. The other reason I made the call was to help a tenant get service in his building. Five people later we had found the building, but no listing of the contract on RCN's end that showed that they OWNED the equipment and therefore should be fixing it.

On the positive side, all five people were nice and tried real hard. The last guy gave me his direct number and went off to work on it with his manager. He called me a couple days later for additional information. We are still waiting for the outcome of this issue.
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