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Subject:  Re: On the Fool's Short Sirius advice: Date:  1/25/2002  11:28 AM
Author:  redcrystal1 Number:  1562 of 10889

The following was posted on the Yahoo board some time ago. It illustrates another potentially important income stream for XM, and it demonstrates that hard-wired services like Muzak are in jeopardy of being displaced by XM satellite radio simply because XM is a much better value.

The work out and cafeteria scene.....
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 11/05/01 11:21 am
Msg: 23869 of 23961
I thought that some here would like to get a peak at the "non-conventional" market place for XMSR. The market place for now is significant but perhaps pales a bit when the auto OEMs come on board. Nonetheless it may be a bit undercovered here, now.

The following is a posting on the DISH board from one of their valued regulars. He is an independent Echostar rep in New Orleans and does other audio/video work as opportunities arise. He has granted me permision to post his words here. You are going to find the title alien and you must realize that some of the background of why the thread exists relates to ongoing discussion of how the Hughes/Echostar merge affects the prior Echostar independent contractor's business. DISHMAN is one of the best sources of hands-on info there (DISH board) along with our KING.

Re: The PARTY is over for contractors...
by: DishMan5 (M/New Orleans) 11/04/01 01:25 pm
Msg: 45989 of 45994

Yes, I have a couple of jobs set up for XM. In New Orleans we cant get the Sony house model yet. Should be out this month. Im doing a work out gym with 18 pairs of speakers throught the work out areas. Total cost of speakers and radio,$6100.00. The second job is smaller replacing a muzak system. XM only charges $29.99 for commercial. The cafeteria is now paying over $100.00 per month. I think XM will put a serious hurting on muzak unless they drop there prices to existing customers. JMO as always


Yes, there are going to be other subscribers and corporate agreements that weight out at far more than one subscribership per "vehicle" and that will prove/expose XMSR to the one sub at a time marketplace. Exposure! Exposure! Keep it up DISHMAN.


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