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Subject:  Re: GNOME to be based on .NET Date:  2/3/2002  4:27 AM
Author:  gargelkark Number:  6774 of 9070

2) MS Office filters in StarOffice are just fine. I have NEVER had a problem with them. In fact, I have had more problems in porting documents between MS Office versions than between Star and MS.

They are just fine, but still only 99%. Get a Powerpoint attachment, edit it in StarOffice and send it back as a Powerpoint - you loose information. Same for Excel or Word. StarOffice Compatibility is enough for working with M$ Office documents (I'm a user since version 3.0), but not enough to integrate into an M$ Office driven workflow. Sadly most companies have designed their workflows just like this, around M$ Office. This is the reason why StarOffice is widely accepted in the private domain (especially Linux), but only at a handful of corporate accounts (ministry of finance of a german state comes to my mind - and Sun, of course).

The missing 1% is there because the StarOffice/OpenOffice programmers had to reengineer M$ Office interfaces.

Don't you think history will repeat itself with CLR and IL, even with the M$ variant of SOAP, etc.? I know MSFT swears holy oaths this time it will be different. CLR and IL will be ECMA standards, we play by the rules etc. etc.

Internet Information Server is fully RFC compliant, but with some minor proprietary extensions like ASP that make it the best web server on Windows, easily integrating with Frontpage and so forth. So here we are again: Look at Sun Cobalt's Chilisoft ASP extensions to Apache. A Reengineering project again, quite sucessful, but always one step behind the MSFT upgrade cycle.


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