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Subject:  The Pirate Puzzle Date:  2/4/2002  4:33 PM
Author:  solasis Number:  132 of 297

I did not get this correct the first time it was presented to me. any takers? I can refer you to the correct answer.

There are 10 pirates in a rowing boat. Their ship has just sunk but they managed to save 1000
gold doubloons. Being greedy bastards they each want all the loot for themselves but they are
also more interested in saving themselves than they are in the gold.

They each pick a number, from one to 10, out of a hat. Each person in turn starting with
number one, decides how to divvy up the loot among the pirates in the boat. They then vote. If
the majority of pirates approve of the allocation then the loot is divided accordingly, otherwise
that particular pirate is thrown overboard into the shark-invested sea. In the latter case, the
next pirate in line gets his chance at divvying up the loot. The same rules apply, and either the
division of the filthy lucre gets the majority vote or the unfortunate soul ends up in Davy
Jones's locker.

Question, how should the first pirate share out the spoils so as to both guarantee his survival
and get a decent piece of the action?

Remember that each pirate is completely selfish with respect to his life and the gold.

TR's helpful hint. invert, always invert
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