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Subject:  Re: Thread on LBYM about church membership dues Date:  2/6/2002  7:34 PM
Author:  JLC Number:  73167 of 199392

<<<When looking through the membership material I was taken aback to see the average annual pledge was $2500 or thereabouts. Its a small church of some 200 members.

Is this alot or is it me? Neither of us have been church members as adults so pretty clueless. I know people tithe about 10% of their income. Is this common practice?>>>

One would have to make several assumptions to decide as to whether this is alot or not. How many singles, children, elderly, etc. I've always figured on dividing the membership by 3 and that would give you a rough approximation of the number of families. So, in your case, about 65 families. Assuming a tithe, that means each family is making about $75,000. Now, is this a farming community, silicon valley, doctors, barbers?

In typical Southern Baptist Church, about 20% of the people give about 80% of the collection. So, in a way, it's almost like the tax system, the minority are definitely giving more. Hopefully it's a situation where the few rich are really giving tithes and the middle and lower incomes are really giving tithes and that is just the way the numbers work out. But I haven't seen a church like that.

The main thing you must do is to put all of this aside. You can't look at what you're neighbor is doing. That's the whole splinter in their eye with a board in yours. Tithe, cheerfully. If you have a problem tithing you may need to do one of two things: pray about it and let God convict you or you may need to find a new place of worship if you feel your tithe money is being used inappropriately.

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