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Subject:  US Dollar Date:  2/7/2002  7:09 AM
Author:  wappinghigh Number:  3477 of 6186

Glad to see all the sledging and flamming has passed re post on the US dollar a few weeks ago. Ok so the US dollar is strong and the risk is a fall, but what makes everyone so confident that it wall against the Aussie?...won't the Aussie fall with it?!

I sure wish all the commentators on this list could identify themselves ie back up there statements with some qualifications....are you guy's senior economic forcasters..with one of the big banks, perhaps even one of you is secretly Ian MacFarlaine, or Alan Greenspan! Worse still who is Micheal Carmondy?

For one I'll say I have NO economic background..just enjoy plodding along picking an investment here and there...done well recently with Gold, Great Southern and Orica..for once got in before the stampeed...and buy goodness even broke even on Looksmart with a LTBH strategy the other there is a surprise!

Love to invest in a "hedge fund" 'cause I can't think where else to stick my money..but I don't understand them...Residential realestate is about to go bust here in Melb..prices are way over the top.., Bonds are no good in a rising interest rate enviroment, Cash is useless at 3.99%, everyone says Stocks are overvalued partic in US...Gold has had a run..doesn't leave much else...anybody got any real bright ideas...investing sure is difficult in the current enviroment..Cheers AB
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