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Subject:  Re: Rip-Off? Date:  2/7/2002  1:24 PM
Author:  KYHAWKEYE Number:  153 of 902

The other thing you have to remember with ALL new drugs that come out is that many doctors can't wait to play with their new toys! Everytime a new product comes out, the doctors write for it in droves. Then, when they discover the "black box warnings" (to non-medicals, a black box warning is a statement at the beginning of the package insert that comes with every drug package. The "black box" warns of any major side effects/adverse reactions that could be serious or even fatal!) or (shudder) even read the package insert to see how it is supposed to be used, then they stop and realize it isn't for everyone they see in the office/hospital that day.

When a new antipsychotic medication came out, nearly every patient on our psych floor got it. Then one of our patient's coded and died due to a major side effect of the medication. Amazingly, the number of patients on the medication dropped of rapidly...

The big danger when new antibiotics come out, especially the 3 new ones that are for the bugs that are resistant to Vancomycin, is that many doctors still want to "play with the new toys." That's why many hosptials, like ours, really try to only let them be used for there specific purpose, and not for Aunt Matilda's latest sore throat.

Rational use is the answer. But tell that to the public who seem to think that the new wonder-sludge they saw on TV is the new drug just for them.....

Just a view from the trenches...

Robert A. Dowd, Pharm.D. (Doctor of Pharamcy)
AKA KYHawkeye
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