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Subject:  Re: Any Diesel Heads Out There? Date:  2/21/2002  2:10 PM
Author:  grue22 Number:  18288 of 73231

no.... but i'm maybe closer to seeing why i'm confused...
seems in one case Voltage is constant, and in the other case, somehow

but ? if V = I*R...... if R increases, no way Voltage and Current Both constant ?

You are correct, and my statement was confusing. For all of these circuits, the voltage is fixed at around 12 volts, and the current is determined by the circuit voltage.

However, the current through each element of the series circuit is identical. So the value for the current is "fixed" in that it does not vary from component to component in a given circuit, but its value changes from circuit to circuit.

Did that help, or did I further confuse you?

... I'd rather have a blackboard and see your face as I try to explain
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