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Subject:  Re: A canticle for Leibowitz Date:  2/24/2002  4:27 PM
Author:  Gator8387 Number:  578 of 3320

I read that, it was a great book.

For Science fiction/fantasy readers, I am currently in the midst of a series by Philip Pullman, the series is "His Dark Materials" and the first book is "The Golden Compass." I have read the first two books.

Best thing I have read in a long time.

It is hard to categorize the series. It is fantasy, but there is some physics to it, which is why I put it in the science fiction/fantasy category, rather than pure fantasy. The heroine is a young girl, very well drawn, reminds me of the girl in "The Mill on the Floss," I hope this won't be as heartbreaking.

Overall, the series is based on Milton's "Paradise Lost," which involves the rebellion of an army of angels against heaven (Lucifer lost, which is why he is in hell). In Pullman's series, the good guys are hard to tell from the bad guys (as they were in "Paradise Lost," which was the point of the thing). All you know is that the protagonists are good, but which side they will ultimately take, I don't know after reading the first two books.

If you are looking for the next good read, I recommend Pullman's series.

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