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Subject:  Re: Resmed Date:  2/26/2002  3:20 PM
Author:  harmy Number:  3658 of 6186

don't know enough about TA, or have enough confidence in it, to try short term plays.

For a long time I believed in the "TA is all hokey and bunkum" type of thinking. I was a LTBH based soley on FA. Then it all changed when I came into contact with some people who used TA successfully and were exiting stocks which I held onto because I was a LTBH which was the only way to go - wasn't it ?? When I was bitten enough times to realise that there was more to TA than met the eye and the people who used TA were hanging onto their money and increasing it while I was on a losing streak I decided to start reading about it.
I wouldn't trade now without carrying out FA to begin with and then using TA for entry and exit points.
I've made more money since investing this way than I ever did before and it worry free because the charts tell it all.
If, at some stage, you start to get curious there are a number of people on this board who, I'm sure, would help you get started.

PS. As an excercise go to this link for the QCOM chart.

Look at how the 13 day moving average is well below the 50 day moving average. Note how the price is below the 13 day average and also note the major fall in price since December. This stock is clearly heading for lower lows and yet there are diehard people on the QCOM board who cannot or will not see that this stock is still in a major downtrend.
Now ask yourself if you think this is a good investment !! Only when the charts indicate a turnround could you buy with confidence and say that "I think that I bought at the bottom".
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