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Subject:  Re: The Hobbit by J.R.R .Tolkein Date:  2/27/2002  11:58 AM
Author:  ColonelCAF Number:  588 of 3347

You said, "It explains that in the original version this normally honest Hobbit lied to Gandalf and the others which was the original
version of the book and is explained as showing the initial influence of the ring on this normally honest Hobbit. It doesn't give
any explanation of what the original version of the story was, only that the version in this book has been updated to be correct."

I remember this as being reasonable accurate. Also in the post immediately following the concept that ownings things for "things" sake is not considered good. While our good Hobbit may have "lied" or may not have lied he perhaps engaged the in the game of "two-sided definitions" i.e. A: is good and B: is bad. Therefore noting about A can be bad and nothing about B can be good. This is a cleverly deceptive tactic that has been applied to many things. Pro-Choice and Pro-life are two great examples ... If I am for one, by definition I must be against the other .... The definers will allow me no middle ground. Many of Crooked Willies problems were attempted to be explained away by definintions, (Depends on what you mean by sex - ergo - I did not have sex with that woman) Crooked Dick Nixon (I never stole any money ) somebody just left it laying on the table and I found it.

Our friend Frodo used some very clever definitions to justify his actions, and in later light I'm not sure if he was right, wrong or somewhere in the vast middle ground. I prefer to think the latter and like many of us, at least thought he was more right than wrong.

As I've said before an excellent treatise on this type of writing is Language in Thought and Action by S.I. Hyakawa. It teaches you how to consider the viewpoint from which the writing comes and the directions in which it hopes to aim you. Without this understanding it is almost impossible to become an understanding, non-biased reader.

Perhaps because a large portion of my reading life has been in non-fiction, technical and poetry I seemed to have learned this well.

I do not have agree with what you say, nor disagree with what you to find your information interesting, enjoyable and useful. What you say may be neither absolutely right (A) nor absolutely wrong (B), it may just be different from what I have seen before. When I travel my compass will read 360 degrees (and each of these may be broken down into 60 seconds) and when I read I must teach my mind to be at least as good as a dime store compass.
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