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Subject:  Re: The Lord Of The Rings - By Tolkein Date:  3/6/2002  8:08 PM
Author:  BONDJAMES007 Number:  605 of 3350


Glup's post 603

I don't see any great parrallels. Whatever is present strikes me more as coincidence or minor.

From England/Oxford, Germany lies to the East and has been the dominant continental enemy since the mid 19th century. Mordor is the traditional home of Sauron and lies to the East of Gondor, Arnor and the remaining lands of the Elves.

The lastest rise of Sauron in Mordor can be loosely seen as the rise of the third Reich.

But I'm having a hard time finding solid similarities beyond this.

The Elves: they are now few, distant and withdrawn. A spent power.

The Dwarves: They also are few, very separate, independant but loyal to the cause of the west without being in a position to lead or play a significant role.

The Hobbits: Apart from having a ring bearer, the hobbits don't weigh in heavily.

Rohan: A growing Power of Man. Not as cultured or refined as the Numenoreans of Gondor. It is a bit of a stetch to draw a solid parallel to the USA. But I'm open to the idea. But the fit isn't perfect in my mind.

Gondor: A declining culture of noble man. Could certainly be seen as the Post Edwardian British Empire.

But what of the Wizards Gandalf and Saruman ? What of the rings?
The three, nine and the one are part of the story. Only the dwarvish rings are out of the picture.

The A-bomb was too closely guarded secret for Tolkien to have the one ring as the A-Bomb. Besides, the allies used the bomb instead of destroying it.

I see no parralel for Aragorn. Post war England did not return to the Edardian or Victorian greatnest. Churchill came out of the political wilderness and assumed his leadership very early in the War. Aragorn assumes full leadership only after the Battle of Minas Tirith. And his ascension heralds a return to much of the previous greatness of Gondor.

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