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Subject:  Acceptance speech Date:  3/6/2002  10:35 PM
Author:  impliedvolatilty Number:  793 of 4296

Congratulations to the winners!, they have set a tone for what can be. I get a sense that greater intellectual honesty will inhabit this site in the upcoming year. I predicted a fee was both: inevitable, and a positive development. It appears that our “thinning the herd” has proven beneficial.

Though I did not make it into the winners circle, below please find my acceptance speech prepared for those laurels.... unawarded and not to be (at least not this year!)

Life Goals?
A curve ball from a pitcher who intuitively knows our swing, a private and authentic game escaping the announcer's description.
To be a keen observer.
To communicate free of mis-understanding

How young are you?
Prudence and hair are negatively correlated, I am becoming more prudent

What kind of work do you do?

“Excessive education is idleness” Thomas Jefferson

Nineth Place- The Ameritrade One Million Dollar Investors Cup

Do you remember what brought you to the Fool for the first time?
the BOOM

What made you stick around?
The complextion of this site has been through some ups and downs, current members have survived through a brutal market blitz of historic proportions, Hey we made it guys and gals!! We jive about this taxing and fasinating game…… a contest not so much about the offense, but about DEFENSE. To everybody who has added some effort, thanks for your “stick-to-it-attitude”. The market is divided down this boundary of “stickyness”: some stick it out- through thick and thin- and some……………….. slide away.

This place is not perfect (I sure wish there was SOME Way I could buy a vowel!), but every now and then you are loitering, not expecting much, ya turn around and …BOOM stumblin in on something YOU enjoy, and the author really enjoyed… puttin it out. When the crafting of words captures nuance and paradox, loss and gain … say: “I am stickin around!”

Do you have a "favorite Foolish moment?
You're lookin at it

What are the best and worst things about the Fool Community as it exists now?
0) Anonymousness (Exaggerated, Unreal)
1) Anonymousness (Bold, Irreverent, Seat of the pants, comic)

How would you like to see us improve it?
“How'am I doin?”
“Just click the icon…fool!!"
“What-if”-models give off chatter, and Mechanical screens give off heated emotion…. Neither produce much light. The conclusive, absolute, and definitive model IS PERFORMANCE. Were there some variables you omitted in your prototypical model?…………..batter up!

The Newport Jazz Festival 1956, The Duke & Paul Gonzales takes us to a place words cannot

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