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Subject:  Kinder/Gentler Bway - New $Saving Tip Date:  3/15/2002  11:26 AM
Author:  BroadwayDan Number:  217 of 265

Howdy Folks!

It's taken me five days to digest the soul-wrenching horror of not placing in the top ten this week. But while the old BroadwayDan would have ranted about foul demons, vile blackhearted spirits birthed from 'tween Satan's buttocks, and moonshine-soaked judges and then capped it all off with something about having to ingest all the horse laxatives on earth to express my truest feelings, alas!, there is a new BroadwayDan. A kinder, gentler BroadwayDan.

I'm tossing my whomping paddle (which was apparently broken anyway) and wishing all well. And I'm just so incredibly grateful that my smash-hit song "Be a Fool" was posted along with the winners. Whoever said "Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing" was silly. Like I used to be. This contest is about having fun, and celebrating being Foolish! To know that I may have made some people chuckle or even, dare I say - giggle like schoolgirls? - is enough for me. I should have to pay TMF an extra $100 this year for teaching me such an invaluable lesson.

And to contribute in good faith to the last contest, let me tell my fellow Fools about a web site I found called "LeaseTrader.Com". This is a site that allows you to pick up the lease of some poor chump-sucker who got in over his/her head and must get out at a big fat loss -to YOU! Apparently you can pick up someone's lease for NO MONEY DOWN and FOR LESS than they pay! I found it 'cause I was once dumb enough two years ago to lease a Volvo S40 when I belong in a freakin' Ford Pinto. I haven't used them yet, but they seem righteous and it seems like an opportunity to turn something that's usually un-Foolish (leasing a car) into something that I think is pretty darn Foolish.

Fool On into the HomeSretch, all! And Jack24K and ShawnR33, I especially wish the two of you the best of luck. Gosh I hope you two whomp me! In fact, I hope everyone whomps me 'cause then just think how many more life lessons I'll learn! Yee Ha! But most importantly, won't you all join me in a deep and solemn prayer that we all just have lots of fun, and continue to learn and grow together?



P.S. (Mmmm, whompin')
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