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Subject:  Re: tornado Date:  3/24/2002  5:35 PM
Author:  Fireballs Number:  3641 of 11896

Unfortunately I think the court decided that graduating from Fresh Start didn't correlate to fewer tickets so they did away with the program. Too bad.

It probably didn't, but fewer tickets is the wrong goal: saving lives should be the goal. The safetycrats have a very strong bias against car control training, claiming that teaching teenagers how to use all of a car's capabilities will make them more likely to drive irresponsibly. This is just the sort of idiotic "deciding what's best for other people" that drives me nuts.

Having been a teenage driver, I can tell you that human nature guarantees some overexuberance at the wheel. I'd much prefer such folks to be familiar with what is and is not possible when the critical moment inevitably arrives.

Ever driven in England or Germany? It is immediately obvious that the average driver there is FAR more competent than the average American driver. Basic concepts such as situational awareness and lane discipline are conspicuous by their absence here. This illustrates the manifest failure of American style driver's education. I feel much safer on the race track than on the street because of that.

Driving in Italy, on the other hand, is a whole 'nother thing. :-)

He doesn't know it yet, but my 4 month old son is going to get a REAL driver's education!

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